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A New Theory of Human Consciousness

by Brian Brown, MD

Chapter 1 -Trouble in Heaven C1

Wherein we discover how our humble planetary experience began.

Chapter 2 -And on Earth A1

Wherein our protagonist, Will Lovejoy, falls in with the wrong crowd, and falls out again.

Chapter 3 -The Method C2

One God, Jay, seeks a human to talk to.

Chapter 4 -Communication B1

Lovejoy talks to God about Sensitive Dependence upon Initial Conditions, 

randomness and evolution among ideas.

Chapter 5 -Control C3

The Gods, Jay and Buddy, disagree over teaching methods.

Chapter 6 -Grounding A2

Lovejoy considers horse sense.

Chapter 7 -Parallels A3

Wherein we meet Ludwig, Lovejoy's friend, and explore a new connection between Christianity and Buddhism,

the Equivalency Principle and the Guru-student relationship.

Chapter 8 -Structure B2

Jay talks again to Lovejoy about organization within the greater Universe and gives him a task.

Chapter 9 -Big A4

Lovejoy finds the God of a lesser Universe.

Chapter 10 -Choices A5

Lovejoy reviews his method for choosing a career.

Chapter 11 -Chi A6

Lovejoy learns of energy patterns on Earth and in the human body.

Chapter 12 -Models A7

Lovejoy meets Mindy who gives him his first lesson in cognition including a primer on proprioception.

Chapter 13 -Happiness A8

Lovejoy seeks stillness in the middle of activity.

Chapter 14 -Crisis C4

The Gods discuss the salvation of one thousand years.

Chapter 15 -Iteration A9

Mindy's second lesson on cognition describes the 'Thought-Muscle' loop 

which is used to model the world around us and test out various possible plans of action.

Chapter 16 -Worship A10

Wherein Mindy and Lovejoy discover their basic disagreement over the spiritual paradigm.

Chapter 17 -Dogma E1

Wherein Lovejoy first visits the Epistemology Group.  

They question him about having lived in both the world of Science and of Religion.  

Sidney champions  the idea that Science is just another religion.  

Victor suggests that an emerging scientific view of energy is not too different from the spiritualist view.

Chapter 18 -Love A11 

Their guards down, our leading couple find themselves mutually attracted.

Chapter 19 -Union A12

Romance alters Lovejoy's state of consciousness.

Chapter 20 -The Fall B3

Subterfuge in the heavens pushes humanity ahead of schedule.

Chapter 21 -Symbols of Self A13

Wherein Mindy's third lesson on cognition reveals how humans develop a self concept

 and this allows unlimited symbol-making capability.

Chapter 22 -Hard Problems A14

Because of the foundation already laid,

 Mindy's fourth discussion of cognition can address the riddle of objectivity and subjectivity.

Chapter 23 -Flesh of the Gods A15

Wherein Ludwig and Lovejoy have a high tech discussion of a low tech beginning to human consciousness.

Chapter 24 -Insight E2

The second E-Group meeting convenes on a whale sighting boat.  

They discuss the timeline for the evolution of consciousness, 

hear more about Ludwig's theories of the magic mushroom, 

and ponder the left brain/right brain approaches to knowledge.

Chapter 25 -Sorrow B4

Wherein a depressed Jay pops into Lovejoy's mind.

Chapter 26 -Truth A16

Wherein Ludwig surprises Lovejoy and they discuss the equivalence of Truth in different paradigms.

Chapter 27 -Free Will A17

Mindy's answer to a question about Free Will becomes her fifth lesson in cognition,

 and her first in philosophy.

Chapter 28 -Lucifer C5

Wherein the renegade Gods make their plans.

Chapter 29 -Ever Beginning A18

Wherein Victor glimpses a hygiene of the aura.

Chapter 30 -Never Ending E3

The last E-Group brings a surprise visit from an ODIUS God who challenges their basic principles.

They use their new understanding of human consciousness to find their way.

Lovejoy takes an unexpected trip to the other side and brings some hard questions to Jay. is copyrighted July 2000.  All rights reserved B.T. Brian Brown.