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Trouble in Heaven
And on Earth
The Method
The Fall
Symbols of Self
Hard Problems
Flesh of the Gods
Free Will
Ever Beginning
Never Ending

Chapter 14

Why art thou troubled, that all things come not to thee as thou desirest?

Who is he that hath all things at his own will?

                                                            Thomas a Kempis, 1441

Jay was sulking in his little corner of the classroom. Everyone but him, it seemed, was working on his project. The teachers had decided Soltrey was a very important project. Too important to let him ruin it. They also decided it wasn't his anyway; it was Ellie's creation. They let the entire class review, discuss and give suggestions for Soltrey.

Apparently they took the idea seriously about the project being used to rehabilitate certain trespassers who had gotten themselves stuck on Soltrey in three-dimensional bodies. Furthermore, though there were many other planets which would soon reach this developmental stage, the potential for self destruction, Soltrey was first in its region. If it succeeded, it could serve as an example for others. So the teachers had let each student place a human on Soltrey to help achieve its goals. In this way, Soltrey had been given a wide variety of excellent teachers through the ages.

But Lucy wanted to be unique; at any cost. She went back in time and let trespassers in at an early stage. Now Soltrey was on a new course. The teachers were very upset when they learned of Lucy's intervention. Though this was an experiment, they felt strongly that the humans on Soltrey should not be subjected to such mayhem. Ellie was called back in to consult on the matter with all the teachers along with Jay and Buddy.

"Come on, Jay" Buddy exhorted, "You're letting your anger get the best of you. You've got to help out."

"Easy for you to say, it wasn't your project."

"We're all in it together now. Look, it's just a more challenging problem. It'll be great'eventually." He whispered the last word.

"I think we should scratch the entire thing." Ellie piped in. "I mean its totally off course and we can always start another one."

"What about those humans that have already become aware of themselves, of us, and even the plan?" The teacher reminded them all. "There is a responsibility which goes with this project. All sentient beings can suffer. We must help all of the them to understand the plan so they can get back on track and develop some momentum."

Jay answered. "Look, I can't be responsible for every minute organism that has a nervous system. I just want to finish the human vehicle and complete the project. Once the physical and emotional bodies of the humans are perfected, and they are taught the proper mental techniques, they can leave Soltrey on their own."

"So what's your plan?" Buddy asked.

"Send several legions of probes down, take direct control for just one day, a thousand years their time. With controlled guidance for that long, they will establish the method, and all who accept this revelation can move into their next phase, the first level of radiative functioning."

"What about all those who don't learn the method during that time?" The teacher asked.

"That's it. They had their chance." Jay decreed.

"What do you think, Buddy?" The teacher searched.

"Just start telling them the truth. Stop sending humans, and letting trespassers through. They'll progress eventually and do all that Ellie hoped for. This was her original plan before Lucy's sneaky plot let the trespassers change things. And I still believe it will work."

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