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Trouble in Heaven
And on Earth
The Method
The Fall
Symbols of Self
Hard Problems
Flesh of the Gods
Free Will
Ever Beginning
Never Ending

Chapter 4

God is in thy heart, yet thou searchest for Him in the wilderness.

                                                                Arjan, Sikh, c. 1600

"Jehovah, if you can hear me now, please take this pain away from me. I have tried to serve. I have tried to understand and I have tried to listen..."

"Lovejoy, I am here."

"I know you can hear me, Jehovah. I just don't know when I am listening to my self and when it is you. I have faith that..."

"I said, 'I am here!'"

"...even when I can't hear you, that you are in charge of every aspect of my life, convoluted as it is."

"Lovejoy, you CAN hear me. Stop talking for a second and listen."

"Jehovah, you are great and merciful. I know there is some reason that I had to spend fourteen years following false prophets. I suppose that it did give me time to focus on going inward, at least in the beginning..."


"Yes! I mean, I sure I'm hearing my own subconscious. Now don't fall into the trap of listening to your little self."

"Lovejoy, it is me. Calm down for a minute so I can talk with you. Take some deep breaths. Calm your mind. Let the thoughts trail away and listen to the quiet voice within."

"OK. I am slowing. Is it really you?"

"Relax Lovejoy. Listen and remember. I need to speak to you."

"Why don't you simply come down and speak face to face?"

"We don't do that. Some of the trespassers do, but don't trust them."

"It would be so much easier. I wouldn't have to try to figure out if your voice is real or from some unconscious part of me."

"That's the way we keep it these days. Any spiritual process, whether it's Gods, angels, demons, or heaven and hell, can also be put into a psychological description. If we appear in front of you and you alone, anyone you told would think you were psychotic. You might think so too. If we appear in front of many people humbly, like Jesus did, you doubt us and ultimately crucify us. If we appear in front of you grandly, you bow down, worship us, and eventually give up all responsibility for making your own decisions. How can you grow when you follow blindly?"

"Tell me about it. Were you really behind Bob and Juno? They claimed to channel you."

"We don't channel much anymore. Once we open the door, too many trespassers come through."

"So how do I know if you're a trespasser or not?" Lovejoy challenged.

"That's why there's no significant difference between describing us as Gods in Heaven or inner psychological processes. Ultimately, you are responsible for what you do."

"So, what is it that you want me to do?"

"Save the universe."

"The universe is already saved; we just need to learn how to live in it."

"Listen to me! You're my last chance." Jay cried.

"Why yours? I'd think it would be our last chance."

"It's a bit complicated. Trust me. I need your world to survive at least another 270,000 of your years. Really, I want you to succeed."

"No, species come and go. Evolution is indifferent." Lovejoy was not moved.

"There has never been a species designed like you are. Your vehicle will help us to heal many trespassers."

"What's this trespasser thing anyway?"

"You might call them intermediates, lesser gods, demons or aliens. Some have broken the bonds of their home planets with advanced material technology. Some of them have actually made the leap into life in the radiative realms. But they did so prematurely and their patterns are disturbed. Without their further maturing in the physical body, they cannot change their patterns."

"Whoa! Slow down. You mean I was right about electro-magnetic fields of the body persisting after death." Lovejoy was excited.

"You call them electro-magnetic. But it goes beyond electro-magnetism in a graded fashion into energies which you can't study. They are beyond the measuring limits of your physical machines."

"If they are beyond our ability to measure how can they be important to our physical world."

"You know that little events can have huge effects. Your developing study of chaos theory calls it 'sensitive dependence upon initial conditions'." Jay explained.

"For want of a nail, a shoe was lost; for want of a shoe, a horse was lost; for want of a horse, a battle was lost; for want of a battle, the war was lost."

"But that first event can be so small that the uncertainty principle hides any explanation of its cause."

"We call an event whose cause is unknowable, a 'random event'." Lovejoy recited.

"Exactly. Your scientists ridicule those who believe in God as a means of explanation. Yet they have no problems with using randomness to explain things. They both simply refer to the limits of your explanatory systems. The entire range of events that your science calls random or chance or probabilistic is an  arena that we can operate in without ever having to alter what you call the laws of physics."

"Between the uncertainty principle and 'sensitive dependence upon initial conditions', you can influence any process on earth and remain unseen."


"But why do you wish to hide."

"We don't hide. Those more subtle yet pervasive energies are where we normally live. Besides, we've tried making dramatic shows of what you call miracles before. Your Bible is full of stories about them. They changed your species very little. You people can only relate to another intelligence on your level, not on the level of the higher intelligence. We've gotten much farther by placing ideas in your minds."

"Why ideas?"

"Once your ancestors reached a certain level of symbol-making in their consciousness, advancing ideas became more important than any single person. Once the vehicle for carrying ideas was developed, the evolution of ideas surpassed the evolution of the body.

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