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Trouble in Heaven
And on Earth
The Method
The Fall
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Flesh of the Gods
Free Will
Ever Beginning
Never Ending

Chapter 8

This wonderful ordering of the sun, the planets and the comets

cannot but be the work of an intelligent, all powerful Being.

                                                                            Sir Isaac Newton, 1687


"What? Who is it?"

"Lovejoy, wake up!"

"It's 3 am, what's going on?

"I need to talk to you."

"Either you're a very rude God or my psychosis is getting worse."

"It's easier to get through to you people at this time."

"Maybe, but I have to catch a plane to Boston tomorrow, today. I have a job interview. Say, can you make sure I find a great place to work?"

"I am not here for that. Buddy and I were talking and we decided that we needed to discuss some things with you."

"Who's Buddy?"

"You'd call him Buddha, but that's not important.

"Yes it is! Yesterday I thought I was talking to Jehovah and now you're telling me your Buddhist."

"We're not anything "ist", we all work together."

"You mean there's more than one God."

"There is one God. There are many Gods. And there are no Gods at all."

"That sounds complex."

"Actually that's the simple answer. You people have one word to describe vast worlds and beings."

"Ok. Why is there no God?"

"There is a universal, what you would call, force or energy. It is beyond us all and yet made up of us all, as we are made up of it. This is much like your understanding of science's laws. It has patterns that can be called intelligent but neither we, nor you, can fully comprehend that intelligence. Your relationship with this universal force can only be impersonal. If you are looking for all the forces of the universe to respond to your one request, you will learn that you are a small part of the whole. This is why it can be said that there is no God at all. No universal yet personal God. The best you can do with this God is to come into some sort of synchronization with it."

"To surrender to the flow of the universe."

"If you like."

"What about one God?"

"You have a singular God in me. I have watched over some of your ancestors for thousands of years. I answered your prayers. I nurtured your planet's growth. But I am only one of many what you call 'supernatural' beings. We are all Gods to you, yet we are all different. Some are local to your planet. You have different names for them; elementals, fairies, and devas for example. Then there are the trespassers, beings from other planets a little bit ahead of your planet technologically but not advanced ethically or spiritually. And there are others like me. Buddy is one of us who works with your planet."

"Now let me get this straight. There are many other Gods like you?"

"Not only are there others like me, there are beings beyond me. You could call them my Gods if you like. Just as there is an infinite hierarchy of beings below you, in mammals, insects, algae, bacteria, viruses, prions, and even molecules, atoms and elementary particles, there is an infinite hierarchy of beings grander than you and me.

"The universe is not centered upon humans, just what you can know of it is. The universe that you can know is limited by your size and your ability to communicate to higher and lower levels. But there are no limits to the universe. What you would call your universe is just a radius of operation. That subsection expands and contracts over time like you breathe in and breathe out. Life in all its forms goes on regardless of you."

"OK. OK. So Copernicus tells us our planet is not the center of the solar system. Darwin tells us we're descended from animals. And now you're telling us that we're not at the peak of evolution."

"Oh no, far from it. Evolution has gone on forever. Your group of beings, which we've taken an interest in, is crossing a challenging bridge, a technological adolescence you may call it. However this is not a unique bridge."

"What do you mean 'bridge'?"

"If your skill with cooperation doesn't catch up to your mastery over technology you may not make it."

"What's on the other side of the bridge?"

"Freedom of movement in the fourth dimension. While your consciousness inhabits a physical body there is a finite relationship between the dimensions of space and time. Your special relativity describes this. To you, nothing can go faster than the speed of light. And that's true while you are interacting through the consciousness of the physical body. Fundamentally it's because you use the electricity of nerves to guide your own energy field. Your nerves can only send messages so fast. Your understanding of the laws of physics is correlated with your nervous system's structure. Since everything you know about the world comes through your nervous system, the laws that you deduce about how the world operates reflect that nervous system structure. They also reflect the outside world but only with a filtered view. You could call it the 'filtration effect'."

"Is that why time only goes one direction and all the other dimensions go both ways?"

"Right. Once you learn the lessons of the fourth dimension, time, you will be able to travel in it freely."

"Do you travel in time freely?"

"Yes. In fact I have to constantly move in time to speak with you. One thousand of your years equals one day of our time. So in order to talk to you I have to walk back in my time and center just as we pass the precise moment in our conversation."

"Like someone on an up escalator carrying on an conversation with someone on a down escalator."

"A bit."

"How do we master time?"

"Time is the fourth dimension. The lesson of the fourth dimension is love. When you are able to practice love all the time, to yourself and to others, you will advance to the next level."

"What does love have to do with time?"

"Think about patience, with yourself and with others. Patience requires feeling free of time pressures. It's also hard to be loving without being patient. When you are in a loving state of mind, your thoughts have no barriers to them . You aren't thinking of secrets and lying and anger. Since your thinking connects to your nerves and muscles, and these generate most of your energy field, your thinking and your energy field mirror each other. When you are in a loving frame of mind, your energy field also flows freely without barriers.

"In order to escape the limits of time, your mind must be free of your physical body. For your energy field to maintain itself after leaving the physical body, it must be strong, freely flowing and self sustaining, otherwise it constantly needs the physical body to input more energy. When you love fully, your energy field is in the right condition to do this. As you achieve constant compassion, your being can move into permanent life in the non-material worlds. Then time is just another dimension. You can move around as you like in four dimensions."

"Is there a fifth dimension? Do we have another lesson to learn in order to master the fifth dimension?"

"You don't really master any dimension. You simply gain a degree of freedom in working with it. However to answer your question, yes there is a fifth dimension to learn about."

"What is it?"

"It's difficult to appreciate while you live in the third dimensional mind. Think of it this way. You know of the seven energy centers of your physical body."

"The ones the Hindus call 'chakras'?"

"Yes. Each dimension works with a chakra. So starting from the bottom, the first dimension's lesson is existence, security if you like. The second is imagination and planning."

"I though it related to reproduction, you"

"That's because sex is what you people spend all your time imagining and planning for. The third is the solar plexus. It reaches out to others. It deals with communication in various forms, such as healing. The fourth is the heart, and we have talked about matching the fourth dimension with love. The function of the fifth chakra can be described as Will, but remember you must already be perfectly compassionate before you control this power, so it won't be misused."

"So what's the fifth dimension like?"

"What is Time like? And can you describe it to a snail?"

"So that's what I'm like to you, a snail?"

"Yes, but I love you anyway."

"Listen, you talk of love, but aren't you the one who said, 'I am a jealous God.'"

"I just wanted to keep you away from all those trespassers."

"You mean aliens?"

"Sure, they were having a heyday with you."

"What about now?"

"We put a fence around our garden. Sometimes a few get in without our permission. But you people have also become less sensitive to their influence. You're wrapped up in your ability to change the world with machines and with your own individualism."

"What's wrong with individualism?"

"Everything has its plusses and minuses. But it's all a part of the plan."

"What is the plan?"

"Ellie begat you."

"Who's Ellie?"

"You call her Elohim, the creatrix."

"Oh no! Your Bible is a one God and God as 'He' document."

"Look it up. In Genesis and Isaiah. We all work together."

"Do you really have different genders?"

"No but as soon as we translate into your world, the density, like a crystal, breaks our one light into different aspects."

"OK. So Ellie made our world."

"Ellie made your mind. She turned your planet into a garden and let you grow."


"That's all for now. You can work on it."

"Look, humans have been asking 'Why?' as long as they could ask anything. You think I'll figure this out now?"

"I'll be sending you lots of ideas, via places and people."

"Can't you give me a hint?"

"Think about thinking."

"That's it?"

"And how you use your body to think."

"Wait! How about a blessing for my trip?"

"God bless you."

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