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Trouble in Heaven
And on Earth
The Method
The Fall
Symbols of Self
Hard Problems
Flesh of the Gods
Free Will
Ever Beginning
Never Ending

Chapter 5

The real cause for dread is not a machine turned human, 

but a human turned machine.

                                                                                Franz Winkler, 1960

"Why did you lie to him?" Buddy confronted Jay. Startled, Jay defended, "I didn't lie. Ellie's project really can help the trespassers."

"Since when were you concerned about them. All you care about is your project lasting until the science fair."

"Listen Buddy, why don't you just stay away from my project and from me. It's none of your damn business!"

"Actually, it's not only my business; it's my project. You think I would have sent my own human into your project unless I was told to. The teachers are worried about you and your project. They're the ones who told me to get involved. And besides, my teachings have expanded across the planet. I can't leave the project now."

Jay was furious. How could the teachers take Soltrey out of his hands? He had jealously guarded his project, and now this. He retorted, "Look here. I sent my messenger half a day after you, and already he has more followers. Eventually no one will know of your little Buddha." There was that emotion again. He hated the fact that he couldn't control it. Buddy was always so calm and collected. He was so intellectual about everything. Jay consoled himself that Buddy was missing out on all the passion and fervor of life. "So what else did the teachers say to you?"

"That it was still your project too," he replied, mollifying Jay as best he could, "but that they wanted some balance. They said the project was very important, even for us; that we might use similar methods with our own vehicles to help us to advance to the next grade."

"You mean the teachers are interested in our project?" Jay, suddenly excited, was now less possessive.

"Absolutely," Buddy replied, "however, they are concerned that the trend on Soltrey is moving in the wrong direction. The scientific revolution you started has helped tremendously. The humans have become less susceptible to influences by any trespassers who might be in the neighborhood, and they can secure all their physical needs quite reliably. This should allow them to focus on inner processes. Unfortunately, they haven't. Each new timesaver machine becomes a part of a lifestyle that consumes all of their time, and the planet's resources. They are still fighting with each other and carving up Soltrey as if their existence depended upon it.

"We need them to know the inner story." Buddy continued. "By understanding the full workings of their bodies, the humans have a chance to move onto the next step."

Jay was starting to get impatient again. "I know that! It was Ellie's plan. But when they turn inward they open up to a host of unsavory thoughts sent by the trespassers. There's no guarantee that their patterns will improve. I am going to make them to design a machine that controls all of their thoughts via their muscles. Then we could force them into a harmonious pattern."

Buddy, taking this horrific idea with characteristic equanimity, replied, "That sounds extremely complicated. Remember one of our days is equivalent to one thousand of their years. With only nine months left until the science fair, we might not get it right. Then we'd have to start over. Let's just try talking to them again first."

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